About me

Jacqueline Tellinga is a Dutch planner and urbanist who manages experimental urban developments, both large and small scale. In doing this she firmly believes that people should be able to shape their own homes and living environments. She is published in trade journals and is author of the books De Grote Verbouwing (the Big Fix Up), Burgerlijke Stedenbouw, Heilige Huisjes and Klein Wonen (Small Homes). Tellinga is a member of the Dutch National Expert Team Housing, the Professional Association of Dutch Urban Designers and Planners (BNSP) and of The Right to Build Task Force in the UK. As the project manager of the Homeruskwartier in Almere with 1,400 individual plots, she was responsible for the largest self-build area in the Netherlands. The latest projects being BouwEXPO Tiny Housing, the Woonwijk als noviteit and Bouwen door de buurt.

Download Jacqueline Tellinga's full Curriculum Vitae:
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  • "If she promises to do a job, it gets done", Hans van Dijk, university lecturer at TU Delft
  • "Feeling of relationships, both internal and external", Marcel Böhne, senior lawyer of the municipality of Almere.
  • "Strong in organization, perseverance and creativity", Art Zaaijer, urban planning supervisor