My manifestations are about current urbanisation processes. In my area developments, residents and small-scale builders make their own homes and neighbourhoods: the democratization of building sand. Below is a selection (not chronological).

BouwExpo Tiny Housing, organized by The City of Almere, The Netherlands, project manager Jacqueline Tellinga

Is small living going to be the new normal? - 2016/2019

The number of people living alone in the Netherlands is increasing from 3 to 3.6 million. The question therefore arises as to which houses to build...

The residential area as a novelty - 2020/current

The national call 'De Woonwijk als noviteit' explores new avenues for places that are therefore shy. Not with thick reports but by spatial professionals ...

1,400 self-build lots, park, market, community centre and more - 2006/2015

Homeruskwartier in Almere, the largest self-contained neighbourhood in the Netherlands. It shows the freedom of living when people are allowed to decide for themselves. The program is broader than that...

My own little piece of The Hague - 2012

The Hague municipal team worked on the first large-scale issue of self-build plots.

The building factory - 2010/2014

Private individuals, contractors, architects and institutional builders are given equal opportunities to build. Urban development through the small-scale initiative. Step by step.

Competition Sluisbuurt - 2012

In 2012, the municipality of Amsterdam launched a competition for the Sluis neighbourhood. Read our entry for 3,500 homes here. Including an exploitation proposal.

On European railways - 1999

We don't know any better now than the HSL's here. What preceded it? At the end of the last century, a project was dedicated to the planning of the flash train.