Europan Foundation - 1990/1994

The Europan competitions give young architects a platform to show their design power and bravura. The Europan Nederland Foundation is set up for the Dutch participation. The first competition dates from 1988.

A large number of Dutch municipalities participate by offering a location as a place of study with a possibility of realization. This is what makes Europan so refreshing: the most difficult locations evoke the freest thoughts of designers who are not (yet) forced to accept the limitations of the commission', Tracy Metz in NRC 11-11-1994.

Young poets and photographers capture the desolate places. The poems by Maarten Doorman, Esther Jansma, Arjen Duinker and K. Michel, and the photographs by Jos van der Hamsvoord, Paul Tolenaar, Nico Coppenhagen and Martijn Heil are published in the catalogue.