Right to Build Task Force – 2017/heden

With the economy booming again, and bigger developers moving back in, it is once again essential to protect the interests of individuals in the form of individual, self-commissioned homes. The Right to Build, laid down in British law, constitutes an important milestone. It imposes legislation for municipalities to keep a public Register on the demand for self commissioned homes and take this Register into account in issues of planning, housing, land disposal, regeneration.

In 2012, looking to promote self building to the UK, a delegation headed by the Minister of Housing and Local Government visited Homeruskwartier in Almere. Shortly before the Ministers visit, the House of Commons had published their own report indicating that 53% of adults in UK would like to build their own house.

Right to Build is one of the few topics of national interest supported by an All-Party Parliamentary Group, regardless of party affiliation.

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